Pixie Doh is very light and fluffy but dries hard in a couple of days.

Use it just as you do your clay.

Maybe glued and painted immediately.  It doesn’t curl like clay does when drying so you can premake them and attach when you’re ready.


  • Generously cornstarch the mold to help release Pixie Doh
  • Break off enough Pixie Doh for the mold
  • Roll it in your hands for a few seconds
  • Press into mold
  • Release it from the mold at anytime, glue it on to your piece with your favorite glue
  • Will begin to set up and feel like a marshmellow until it dries hard in a few days
  • For molds with fine and intricate detail, you can put the mold with Pixie Doh in the freezer for 20 minutes or more to hlep speed up the set up so they pop out with crisp detail

Pixie Doh